WNPL Application

WNPL Application Response

The Ballarat Eureka Strikers received some good and bad news on Friday. Unfortunately, our bid to join the WNPL in 2017 was not successful. However, as a result of the quality of our bid the FFV have indicated that the Ballarat Eureka Strikers will not need to submit an application in the future. Instead the FFV is going to work with the Ballarat Eureka Strikers and the BDSA to establish targets for the growth of female football within the Ballarat region, and that once these targets have been met the Ballarat Eureka Strikers will receive a licence for the following year.

We at the Ballarat Eureka Strikers are excited by this outcome. While there was initial disappointment the recognition from the FFV that the broader Ballarat region is a strategic priority for them is a terrific outcome. We look forward to working with the FFV to continue the growth of female football in our region.




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