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Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct & Social Media Policy


Ballarat Eureka Strikers is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children. We have zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone involved at the Club is responsible for the care and protection of children and reporting information about child abuse.



The purpose of the attached policy is to:

  • work towards a Club culture of child safety;
  • ensure that all persons are aware of their responsibilities for identifying possible occasions for child abuse and for establishing procedures for preventing such abuse and/or detecting such abuse when it occurs;
  • provide guidance on responding where a person suspects any child abuse within all Club Environments;
  • provide a clear statement to players, committee members, volunteers, employees and contractors forbidding any such abuse; and
  • provide assurance that any and all suspected abuse will be investigated.


BES Child Protection Officers:


The Club’s Committee is responsible for ensuring that policies are reviewed and updated and that training exists for committee members, volunteers, coaches, team managers, assistants and employees on child protection matters. The Committee is also responsible for identifying and managing risk in relation to child safety.


Child Protection Officers (CPOs) are available to listen, discuss and clarify issues confronting individuals in our Club.  Players, members, employees, volunteers and committee members can all speak with a CPO if they have concerns in relation to child abuse.


The CPO(s) for the Ballarat Eureka Strikers are Maddy Vranesic and Sue Lyons

Maddy Vranesic – 0417 141 517 or

Sue Lyons – 0418 371 125 or




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