Club Philosophy

We will provide an environment in which players, parents, coaches, supporters and sponsors are proud to be associated with our organisation. We believe in open communication and try to ensure that everyone has fun, works hard and enjoys each season. The object is to provide our players and parents/supporters with an extremely positive experience while developing elite football players and playing competitive football.

For our players, the environment will be challenging, motivating, and fun. It will require a serious commitment on the part of players and parents.

Our goal is to prepare our players for the future, both on and off the field. We will teach them the critical fundamentals of football. Ball handling skills, passing, and positioning on the field will be stressed over and over again, as these techniques are critical in all levels of play.

Equally, if not more importantly, we will reinforce non-football specific skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, responsibility, discipline and respect for all players. The goal is to grow each of our players as individuals and as football players.

As a result, a fundamental aspect of the Ballarat Eureka Strikers is the leadership program; which uses the Leading Teams model and focusses on the players identifying and demonstrating key behaviours that are necessary for creating a productive atmosphere. The leadership group will be responsible for role modelling and overseeing the implementation of these behaviours amongst the youth teams.

Our belief is that solid, committed players who benefit from positive coaching, an atmosphere of respect and teamwork, and strong parent/supporter backing will ultimately result in a high-performing program. It is our belief that with strong commitments from our players and parents/supporters, not only will our club grow but we will produce footballers for State and National level competitions.

Coaching Philosophy

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The Ballarat Eureka Strikers are committed to a ‘holistic’ approach to coaching football. This requires the planning and execution of training programs that develop the players’ technical, perception/decision-making skills and fitness in conjunction with each other instead of developing them in isolation.

In order to develop the players’ perception, decision making and execution all drills must have relevance to the big picture, and the focus of the drill needs to be clearly communicated to the players.

Coaches will be required to appreciate that the best model for learning is doing, with the coaches’ role being as a guide and facilitator; therefore time on task must be maximised in any training session.

Coaches will specifically design sessions that address the key priorities for their teams development based on evaluation and analysis of match-day and previous training performance.

Coaches will adopt Carol Dweck’s approach to fostering a growth mindset in players; essentially, this involves praising effort rather than talent; welcoming failures as learning opportunities, encouraging players to be challenged and operate beyond comfort zone.

Sessions will follow the recommended FFA National Curriculum format appropriate for the age group; with the four components outlined the FFA’s Football Coaching Process.

For more information on our Club Philosophies, Policies and Governance please see our Resources page.


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